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Jacuzzi, Spa, and Hot Tub Removal Services

For over a decade, Corona Junk Removal & Property Maintenance LLC has been providing advanced junk removal services for homeowners in Anaheim, Placentia, and Corona. We specialize in hot tubs and jacuzzi removal services that are carried out quickly and safely. Our experienced team of professionals is equipped with the know-how to safely remove your large spa or hot tub without causing any damage to your property.

We understand that having an old or outdated hot tub or jacuzzi in your yard can be unsightly and potentially even dangerous for your family. That’s why we offer our professional hot tub removal services at competitive prices. We strive to provide our customers with quality workmanship so they can enjoy their updated outdoor living area free of eyesores and potential hazards.


Advantages of Professional Hot Tub Removal Services

When you hire us to take care of your jacuzzi or spa removal, you can rest assured that you'll receive reliable service from experienced professionals. With our services, you will not have to worry about lifting a heavy spa on your own, as we come prepared with the right tools and equipment necessary for a successful job every time. Our team is trained in proper safety protocols when working with large pieces of machinery, which ensures that the entire process goes smoothly while minimizing the risk of injury or property damage.

In addition to avoiding potential injuries from lifting and carrying a bulky spa yourself, professional hot tub removal also helps prevent further damage to your property due to improper disposal methods. When it comes to dismantling an old hot tub or jacuzzi unit, it's best left to experts who know the ins and outs of these systems. This way, you can be sure all parts will be carefully removed without causing further destruction such as broken pipes or cracked circuit boards.

What We Do During The Removal Process

Once we arrive on-site for hot tub removal services, our first step is performing an assessment of the unit so we can determine the best course of action for its safe disposal. We'll inspect all components such as pumps, motors, filters, circuits boards and more before beginning deconstruction so all parts are separated correctly according to their type – this way none will be accidentally damaged when removing them from the structure itself. Once dismantled into smaller pieces, our team will then take care of loading them onto our vehicles for transport off-site where they are properly disposed off at local recycling centers where applicable.


How Much Does Hot Tub Removal Cost?

The cost for our hot tub removal service depends largely on the size and weight of the unit as well as any additional fees associated with hauling away the materials once on-site (such as fuel costs). Typically speaking however we usually charge per hour with no additional hidden fees involved - meaning you only pay what's displayed up front – no surprises! If you're curious about what exactly would go into pricing out a job like this one feel free to contact us directly so we can give you an accurate estimate tailored just for you!

At Corona Junk Removal & Property Maintenance LLC we understand how important it is that your home looks its best; especially when it comes time to sell it down the line! That’s why we offer comprehensive Jacuzzi Spa & Hot Tub Removal services designed specifically for busy homeowners who need help getting rid of large bulky items without breaking their bank account! Whether it’s simply updating their current landscape design or eliminating potential hazards from aging spas - our experienced team is here to help make sure each job gets done right - no matter how big or small!

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